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How to Rank Your Website on the First Page of Google

Just Google it! It is the everyday expression that reflects the all-powerful Google search engine. There are 3.5 billion daily searches on Google, which is a whopping number that signifies that people trust Google's results and rely on them.

With such immense power, getting on the first page of Google is the aim of many websites. Fortunately, you've landed on the right page, and here is how to rank your website on the first page of Google.

Always Choose the Right Keywords

There's a popular SEO joke that one can peacefully hide a dead body on Google's second page because no one checks it. But, yes, the facts say that 75% of internet users never move to the second page. So, choosing the right keywords can help your website gradually increase rankings.

For example, if your keyword is "Best marketing strategies", you can go for long tail keywords like "best marketing strategies for small business in 2022." Moreover, distribute keywords in headings, meta titles, meta descriptions and all over the content. Optimising your content with primary, additional and long tail keywords will help your target audience visit your website.

Include Internal Links and Build Quality Backlinks

Link building strategy is one of the most important ways to increase SEO traffic organically. Many leading sides have thousands of links. Here's all the information on the linking:

Internal links

Internal links are the links to your website's other pages. These are easiest to create, and you can add internal links like in your blog posts, CTA etc., to your other blogs or services.


Backlinks are links to your services and posts by other websites. Backlinking will make your website a reliable source and help it jump higher on search engine rankings. Therefore, you can request backlinks from review sites, bloggers' list posts etc. Backlinks can also come naturally if you create quality content.

Build Pages That Support Search Intent

The answer to how do I make my website searchable is through building search intent pages. You may be familiar with the fact that the first page websites on Google after searching something are generally web pages.

It has blog posts, services, products etc. So, you can aim at building useful web pages with amazing linking, SEO optimisation and detailed information so that it appears on the first page. It can include how to guide, tutorials, reviews, opinions, comparisons in detail etc.

Keep an eye on Competitors' Websites

The answer to how do I get noticed on Google is through keeping an eye on competitors. You can search your niche and keywords and notice top websites with similar services.

Then, you can assess them by:

  • Using keywords that your competitor is missing

  • Go for long tail keywords that competitors are using

  • Study the website, meta titles, structure, speed, keywords density, URL etc.

Add Featured Snippets

You must have noticed a featured short snippet on top of Google when you search for answers to some questions. Well, these are even better than ranking on the first page. It is because Google automatically selects these snippets for quick and short answers to the users.

Here are some tips you can follow to add snippets:

  • If you're discussing a process, mention it in bullet point form.

  • Place these bullets at the start of the content.

  • The snippets must answer how, why, where, when, what, and who for any process.

Bonus Tips

These were some useful tips to improve website ranking on Google. Apart from all these useful ways, your website must be fast loading, mobile friendly, secure, well structured and easy to use. Getting on the first page of Google will increase your website traffic, build trust and make your services reliable. It will gradually lead to the success of your website and goals.

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